Code4Lib 2017 Poster

For Code4Lib 2017, I created a poster looking at some tools for static website generation. Below is the poster text, with some added notes.

Static Website Generators: An Overview

A static website is made up of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It does not use any server-side language, and is delivered to the end user as it exists on the web server.

A static website generator is a tool that is used to create these websites.

These tools can be well suited for blogs, project overviews, documentation, conference sites, or collection highlights.

Some benefits of using static generators include:

Some drawbacks of using static generators include:

A static website generator typically consists of…**

(Some) static website generators

All information, including Github stars and forks, as of March 1st 2017







This poster (below) was created using LucidPress. All logos retrieved from the sites of their respective tool.

Code 4 Lib 2017 Poster