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Dynamic vs. Static Websites

What is a dynamic website?

  • Has a back-end scripting language and database
  • May use a content management system (WordPress, Drupal, etc)
  • Allows for more user input & interaction

What is a static website?

  • Made up of HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
  • No back-end scripting languages or databases
  • Displayed to user as it exists on the server

What is a static website generator?

  • Template language & markup language
  • Compiles into HTML/CSS files
  • Built-in server for testing
  • Many options - 181 on
  • Most popular is Jekyll


  • Performance & speed
  • Less technical maintenance
  • Less resource intensive
  • Security benefits
  • Version control
  • Simple hosting, e.g. Github pages


  • No WYSIWIG/editing environment
  • Learning curve
  • Scalability

Demo (Hugo)


Linux (snapd): sudo snap install hugo

Mac (homebrew): brew install hugo

Windows: Download from github & add hugo.exe to your path

Create your site

hugo new site demosite
cd demosite/
Hugo folder structure

Select a theme

git clone themes/beautifulhugo

Copy example site folder in theme into the main directory

cp -r themes/beautifulhugo/exampleSite/* .

See your site so far

hugo serve

Visit localhost:1313 in your browser

Add your content

Content lives in config.toml and the content/ and data/ folders

Assets live in static/, e.g. images, custom css files

Content structure may vary between themes


baseurl = ""
DefaultContentLanguage = "en"
#DefaultContentLanguage = "ja"
title = "Beautiful Hugo"
theme = "beautifulhugo"
metaDataFormat = "yaml"
pygmentsUseClasses = true
pygmentCodeFences = true
#disqusShortname = "XXX"
#googleAnalytics = "XXX"

subtitle = "Build a beautiful and simple website in minutes"
logo = "img/avatar-icon.png"
favicon = "img/favicon.ico"
dateFormat = "January 2, 2006"
commit = false
rss = true
comments = true

Content creation

Hugo content is written in Markdown

HTML can also be added

**Here is some bold text**

## Here is a secondary heading

Here's a useless table:
| Number | Next number | Previous number |
| :------ |:--- | :--- |
| Five | Six | Four |
| Ten | Eleven | Nine |
| Seven | Eight | Six |
| Two | Three | One |

Here's an image:



  • Overwrite layouts or CSS
  • Copy layout files into the layouts folder, following theme structure
  • Do not edit the theme files directly!

Build the public files

cd mysitename

Move public files to server

Copy the contents of the public folder to the web server, or use Github pages



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